I’m thinking about running…

Running has been top of my mind for a few days now.

Here’s why:

  • I managed to get back to running time trial on Tuesdays
  • Thoughts of the 5 joggers who were tragically killed by a drunk driver saddens me
  • Spending time with our running gang and discussing upcoming races excites me
  • Reminding KK to enter the Irene race in Pretoria coming up next Saturday
  • Waking up early to watch the Soweto Marathon
  • Skipping my afternoon nap to watch the New York Marathon (Geepers, how gripping was that last 2km of the women’s race of the New York Marathon)

But I guess the most exciting thing that is giving me extreme *goosies* is that entries for Two Oceans half marathon open this week. Once entered, that’s it. No going back!

I’m quite pleased that I’ve started my training early. But as I’ve seen with some runners on Twitter, anything can happen. @brodiegal has injured her ankle (thank goodness this was after San Francisco, but still). @beanker is back in her moon boot (sorry Bianca). And poor @rogeema was (wo)man down with a terrible tummy bug!

But there some great inspirational stories too. @tanyakovarsky tweeting her Soweto marathon run in style. @terencetobin entering his first 10km race (see you at Irene pal!) And @_Loxy in windy PE already up to 4km! (Dory, I still walk/run!)

So you see, anything can happen but the goal has been set and I’m ready…

Happy running you guys!

2 thoughts on “I’m thinking about running…

  1. Can you give me more info regarding the Irene run race on Saturday please?
    I love the way you think about running and yes, so tragic about those runners who was run over.


  2. Unfortunately thinking about running is about as close to running as I am getting at the moment. I seriously need to get back on the road!


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