Who are the Walkers?

My name is Bronwynne and I am a runner. On a good day, my running pace is around 7 1/2 minutes per km. On a bad day, it’s over 8 minutes and that’s when the ‘walkers’ come right passed me.

But running is like that. There are good days and bad days. And nothing teaches me that more than running.

These are my stories. The lessons I take out of each and every run.

12 thoughts on “Who are the Walkers?

  1. Hi Bronwynne,
    Thanks for the follow! I love your blog – I relate completely and refuse to be stressed or anxious about my position at the back of the pack! I just hope that some day I crack the coveted Comrades medal – it’s the qualifier that gets me mostly!

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    • Okay seriously. Why have I not found your blog before? It’s awesome! I think we’d have such fun running together… Well doing more talking than running I suspect! 🙂


  2. Hi Bronwynne! I love your blog and I’m actually going to email this page link to my mom, as she also struggles to keep up with the walkers 🙂 Good luck with the training and I hope to read more of your running here on your blog – Paul


  3. Hi there!

    I came across your blog a while and have basically read every single post. I was even inspired to start my own running blog after reading through all your experiences! Absolutely love your writing, thanks for sharing all your knowledge!



    • Hi Kate! Apologies for replying only now but I was away on holiday. Yip, as you can guess, no running, no gym or exercise but way too much eating! It’s such an awesome fuzzy feeling reading a comment and feedback such as yours re my blog. Makes me feel so humbled and special knowing people actually want to read my stuff!! Ps: I’ve also now found your blog to follow and look forward to meeting you one day at the races! Cool! 🙂


  4. Wow, it’s so nice to know that I’m not the only one! Someone who loves running, but are not that great at it according to the sporting world’s standards. The Two Ocean Half Marathon feels like the green-eyed monster in my cupboard at the moment, but I will look him straight in his green eyes on the 30th! My friend sent me this quote and it’s still my favourite:


    • HAHA! the green-eyed monster! It feels like therapy to hear other people talk about Two Oceans! thanks for the feedback. I too will be there on the 30th to cheer you on!! Have an awesome race!


  5. Hi, I absolutely love your blog!!! I was just searching on google for blogs on people who are doing the 2 Oceans Half Marathon and who are injured and yours came up. I love what you wrote about how intimiditating this particular race is because I feel the exact same way. I signed up for the race for the first time this year and have felt so overwhelmed by it from day 1! I am also injured due to knee problems so I have not been able to keep up with my training as much and am not feeling confident at all on completing the race. I have bad dreams, anxiety attacks and feelings of inadequacy. I have never felt this before with any other race! But I feel if I pull out now I will be a failure, and I love the fact that you stayed true to yourself and did what was right for you. I wish I could be as brave as you. As the time comes nearer I just really hope and pray that all goes well and that I can complete it within time. But I agree with you, it does not feel like fun to be so stressed out all the time. Thanks for inspiring me, goodluck with your running journey.


    • Hi Sumi! Thanks so much for your honest comment. Coming from a runner, it means a lot because you know where I’m coming from. Injuries and self-doubt before the race – hectic hey! Two Oceans does that! But I’m gonna be at UCT on the day and I will be cheering you guys on. I’m excited for you! So go for it!! Give it your best and above all, enjoy it! X


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