The simple things in life are sometimes the best!

I was recently sitting at the airport when I overheard a bunch of Americans having the most arb of conversations. At first, I battled to understand what they were going on about, but it was a very passionate, detailed discussion about a “Crunchbar”. I casually turned around to discover that they were talking about Crunchies – you know, the chocolate in the gold wrapper.

The one guy had bought a whole bag of these mini Crunchbars from the duty-free shop and was passing it around for everyone in his group to taste.

He described it as absolutely delicious especially the honeycomb which was the best he’s ever tasted (imagine the thick American accent as you read this). Having tasted one, his friend agreed that there was “nothing better” and promptly got up to go buy himself a whole bag of Crunchbars to take back home.

I found the conversation delightfully funny, especially since they were totally serious about it. It got me thinking.

I was informed by my dietician ages ago that if I had to choose to eat one chocolate, it should be the Crunchie because due to the fact that it’s almost 80% honeycomb, it has a very low fat content. That’s pretty much how I view the plain, boring Crunchie and ever since then, have never wanted to eat one.

But listening to someone else describing it in such an amazing, delicious way really made me re-think it and start craving one.

It’s like that with quite a few things in life that we take for granted. Things that ordinarily get forgotten because they appear to be so plain, so ‘normal’, so boring and yet are often so wonderful!

Like ‘peanut butter and jam on soft white bread’ – isn’t it just divine? Yet not something you find on the menu at Tasha’s.

Or Marie Biscuits with tea. Yum.

4 thoughts on “The simple things in life are sometimes the best!

  1. I dont have a crunchie, so I promptly demolished a whole slab of nougat thanks to you! I am so glad my hip and shoulder are too sore so I havent been able to train…..blame shifting!


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