An engineer tells it like it is, even in running

Running with KK is quite a stressful run. Not only do we not run at the same pace, but I am constantly feeling anxious, which is not how I should feel when I run.

Today I figured out why.

We had set out to run a nice, slow, relaxing Sunday run. KK planned to do 12kms while I settled for the 9km route. As we got to the split where he would run off to do the extended stretch, we stopped to catch our breath and for KK to give me a heads up on the route I was taking as I was not that familiar with it.

He said, “Right, you go up this road and you will encounter two hills. The first one is very steep, then the road dips, then you go up again for the next hill. I’m going straight so that I can get some water at the Caltex garage. I’ll catch up with you. K, go! And remember, two hills. First one up, then a dip, then another hill.” And off he ran.

I must admit… all I heard was hill, then another one. And repeat, one hill, followed by another one. By the time I started to run again, mentally it felt like there was a mountain ahead of me and I dreaded it.

The thing with KK is that as an engineer, it’s all about fact. No beating around the bush. In his mind, he was giving me an exact, detailed description of what lay ahead. He won’t sugar-coat it either. You know exactly what’s ahead of you.

When we did finally meet up again, I told him that perhaps next time he needs to kindly put more emphasis on the down hills ahead and help motivate me more in climbing those hills.

But as I was saying it, I could see the confused look on his face. Nope. He’s an engineer. It’s either black or white and in his mind, it’s the same with running. I guess that’s just how he conquers those up hills too – knowing exactly what’s ahead and planning for it.

I think next time we go for a run, I’m not going to ask what’s ahead. I know he’ll tell me!

2 thoughts on “An engineer tells it like it is, even in running

  1. Yikes!!!!! I kind of know how you feel, my hubby is a typical Engineer and I am a person of plenty words and making things sound nice even when they are not so nice (LAWYER)!!!!!!!


  2. Hahahaha! Nice post Bron! I gotta agree with the engineer, honesty is the best policy. I hate it when I’m running & people lie to me. “You’re almost there.” , “Just around the corner.”, and probably the worst lie ever: “It’s downhill from here.” It’s rather demotivating when I actually believe them only to find out that its not true. Now I just retort back: “Don’t lie to me!” LOL


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