Chatting to a Champ about my feet

At the Jackie Gibson race on Sunday, I was strolling around the field, waiting for KK to finish his race when I happened to bump into top marathon runner and Comrades champ, Lesley Train. (LOL, I say it so casually, as if I know her!)

Lesley happened to be talking to KK’s bestie’s mom-in-law and as I walked up to the two of them, I was introduced to Lesley. I must admit, for the initial 10 seconds, I was a tad star-struck! I have watched Lesley on TV, I’ve heard the running commentators singing her praises, and here in front of me, stood this teeny tiny, bubbly woman.

Lesley was not running Jackie Gibson on Sunday due to a stress fracture and was expressing concern about the upcoming Two Oceans. I mentioned that I had pulled out of the half marathon race due to plantar fasciitis and it’s then that she told me about her experience with the crippling pain of PF that she too had suffered with in 2011.

She said it took her 6 months to get rid of her PF. In fact, she had to stop running altogether for 3 months because of it. I have been struggling with it for just as long so it was comforting to know that treatment and recovery wasn’t a quick fix.

She went on to give me her top tips which helped her get rid of PF:

  • Magnesium (and lots of it). She recommended a liquid form over the tablets.
  • Foot splint. She borrowed one from a friend and although it was uncomfortable to sleep with at night, it did help stretch her calf muscle.
  • Sitting in front of TV, Lesley would slip those toe dividers you use when painting your toenails to help stretch the foot open while she watched TV (such a girl!).

The obvious one to all of this is rest. I’ve been doing that!

But I’m definitely going to give these tips a go!

4 thoughts on “Chatting to a Champ about my feet

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    • I’ve been using the splint for a few months and for me it was the breakthrough with PF – it got me from hobbling around before Christmas to running my first marathon in a few weeks.


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