Running through my week…

1. Needing a new left rear tyre due to a puncture. 2. Returning 2 days later and replacing the right rear tyre as well due to puncture. *ouch* 3. Healthy lunch at my desk. 4. The birds manage to finish everything in this feeder in one day. 5. Annie dozing on the floor in front of TV. 6. Sunset from the staff parkade. 7. Cup of tea. #bliss. 8. Catching the Gautrain to work. 9. Gautrain buses – Magic!

1 thought on “Running through my week…

  1. Sorry about your tyre! As it is I hate paying car repayments so when it’s time for changing tyres, servicing and other car related stuff I really hate departing with my money. It’s definitely a big grudge purchase.


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