Running through my week(s)…

1. Max is our friend’s labrador and so gorgeous – he just wants to be with everyone. 2. Spinning class. If I don’t get there by 5pm, I don’t get a bike for the 5:30 class! 3. The day it snowed in Jozi we all ran out in to the street to play. #Memories. 4. Melrose Arch where KK works. 5. Saturday lunch at Yamatsuki sushi in Bedfordview. 6. Lunchtime menu in Soweto. 7. Sitting on the M1N in traffic on my way home. 8. A workshop held at The World Of Yamaha. Lots of toys for boys and girls! 9. Surprised with free soup at Pize e Vino. Yummo.

Please feel free to share your own thoughts, I love it when you do!

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