Everyone needs to start somewhere

I’ll be honest, I don’t particularly enjoy the Dischem 21.1km running race. I find it quite challenging. In 2010,  running down A.G. De Witt Drive hurt like hell and I almost died injured myself. So every year, I commit to at least doing the 5km Rehidrat Dash (don’t you just love that word – Dash!)Finish line - Dischem

At the starting line of the race this year, I looked around and was amazed to see such an eclectic mix of so many different people. The serious runners fiddling on their running watches trying to locate satellite, the ‘fun run’ gang who kept promising each other that they’d stick together and not go too fast, the moms with prams already feeding kids with sticky snacks, and the walkers with headphones and backpacks full of …stuff (I never know what they’ve got in there).Runners - Dischem

In that huge crowd of what must have been over 2 000 runners and walkers, the ages ranged from as young as 5 years old to over 85 years. It reminded me that running is truly a sport for everyone. To say you’re a runner doesn’t necessarily mean you do the Comrades every year. Often, running means just putting on your running shoes and getting out there, enjoying yourself with other runners, regardless of the distance. Everyone can do it!

And so having completed my third Dischem Rehidrat Dash, my 2013 race year has officially kicked off…2013 runners guide

7 thoughts on “Everyone needs to start somewhere

  1. Well done in getting started on your running for the year. Mine officially starts in almost exact a month from now at the Randburg Valentines 10km Night Race. It’ll be the first time doing that race, have only heard great things about it.


    • No ways!! The Valentines night race was my very first race ever!! It’s the best race to start with because the vibe is so fantastic and so much fun! I’ll see you there!!!


  2. Congratulations on completing your first race of the year.

    Ha Ha HA!!!! I had a little laugh because I’m one of those walkers that would sometimes have a backpack. What we have – car keys, water bottle (yes funny because there are water stops), a fruit, candy etc. Just little things that only a fun walker or runner would lug around 🙂


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