Sometimes you gotta fake it

I love a garden full of colourful flowers. When I go for my runs through the neighbourhood and see gardens full of flowers, I’m a little envious. You see, our garden, unfortunately, does not get much sun, so we have been unable to plant any flowers.

When we originally moved into our house years ago, we were so concerned about blocking our neighbours from peeking into our garden that our landscaping was more focussed on big trees and bushes. Nine years later, we have the most beautiful trees full of bird feeders and nests, but lots of shade. It’s lush and green but lacks the colour that only flowers bring.Water lily

But a few weeks back, my mother-in-law changed that. Starting with just a single water lily, she “planted” this colourful flower to float gently on top of our water feature in the corner of the garden. Viewed from the kitchen, it was lovely to see not only the birds splashing themselves in the water, but a dash of colour. I requested she buy a few more and now have almost 8 of these beautiful flowers to view. I love them.Collage1

The water lilies are fake. They are plastic. But they look like the real deal and they bring me joy. In life, that’s what counts. Water lily in water feature

7 thoughts on “Sometimes you gotta fake it

  1. They are so pretty though.

    We can’t seem to get our pool blue or clean or anything so we are considering changing it into a pond (or a loch/swamp) and these would look so lovely in it!!!


    • Our pool is also always green! Apparently after 8 years, the water is toxic and we need to empty it. But I hear you about the pond! LOL! All we do is clean the pool, we hardly ever swim anymore.


  2. It’s amazing what a little colour can do. It’s very pretty and if you didn’t say anything about them being fake, I would not have known better 🙂


  3. I have had to resort to fake plants in all my pots indoors! I just can’t keep anything alive, and a fake plant looks a whole lot better than a dead real one. I say go for it.


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