You’ve found my blog, but what were you looking for?

The Site Stats section of my blog always reveals quite a few insights about the readers of my blog. It shows me how many views my posts are getting, what are my top posts and pages, and arb info such as who are the top commenters of my posts.

But it’s the search engine terms that are used to find my blog that is the most revealing. The top search term that I see daily is “tired runner”. Now I know that a lot (maybe too many of my posts) have centered around my struggles with running times, pace, sore feet etc., so it’s no surprise that they find my blog to read this kind of blog post. Water stop backmarkers

Are runners out there tired? Are they seeking advice on how to deal with being tired and why are they tired? I do suspect we overdo it in SA with all the races we participate in and our competitiveness. We don’t take time to rest.

One of the other top search engine terms is a real concern for me. It’s “little girls in the bath”. I wrote a blog ages ago about bathing my dogs and used the title “Two little girls Annie posing in the bathin the bath”. But I doubt the person looking for these terms have any interest in dogs. I warn all my family and friends to refrain from posting naked pics of their toddlers on social media platforms because there are some sicko’s out there trawling for pics. Sickens me really.

The last search engine term that I see often is “how to cope” or “how to admit not coping”. I smile at this one because if you’ve followed my blog, you’d know that I don’t seem to have an issue with admitting I am not coping with Copingmy running. But do I do so as easily at work? Or even at home? I don’t think that I do. I also suspect that the person looking for answers may not even be a runner. Sad. I hope they find the answers they are looking for.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read my blog!

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