Knock off and run

Geepers! I’m finding it such a struggle lately to get to gym or go for a run! When I drive home from work, I often see cyclists crossing the road on their cycling path across Delta Park down Barry Hertzog Road. I get so jealous and ask myself, “What time did they leave work to get dressed in cycling kit and get out on the road?” I think that’s the trick though. Finding time.

The reality is that there will always be busy days. It’s the norm for most people, right? Our days have become so busy. There will always be late afternoon meetings. There will always be so much work to do that I couldn’t possibly finish it all in one day. (It’s a blessing). But this is just how it is and it’s not going to change. So what can I do about it?

I’m definitely in a better state of mind if I manage to get to gym or get out on the road to run. It’s important that I make time. I admit that the only person stopping me is … me. I need to put my foot down and leave the office when I need to in order to find that balance. It’s in my hands. Just like those cyclist, I have to manage my time better.


A week ago, I returned to Randburg Harriers time trial after ‘my Winter hibernation’. I had not been for months and oddly enough had butterflies in my stomach when I arrived. I ran on my own, through the tree-lined streets, taking deep breaths and smelling the fresh Spring air. It was awesome! A new PB TT time too. I couldn’t stop talking about it for days how wonderful it was to be back at TT.

But to be honest, I think it was my body feeling so amazing because it was thanking me. My whole body inside and out was smiling!TT

(Images: Strava & Google)

4 thoughts on “Knock off and run

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  2. Love reading about your running, I fell in love with running last year but really do not make enough time for it. Now that summer is back I cannot wait to get back into it. Are you doing the Nike Run Jozi?


  3. I so agree! I even schedule what distance I should run on what days in my diary as if they’re meetings to go to, otherwise I lose track of it all and before I know it, I haven’t run in a week!


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