A morning out on my MTB

Packing the bikes the night beforeI tagged along with KK and DSM on Saturday morning as they headed out to do some cycling training at The Cradle. Luckily for me, I’m not training for anything specific so while they sped off, I used the time to ‘dilly-dally’ out on the road all by myself with no time or distance pressures.

I stopped quite a few times on the road to take some pics with my phone and was struck by the beauty of my surroundings. The air was crisp when we arrived but soon the sun started to warm my back and as I stood next to my bike, all alone, I was taken aback by the silence that engulfed me.Sunrise in The Cradle DSM KK IMG_5822 The Cradle IMG_5824 IMG_5825

Bike silhoette IMG_5829 IMG_5832 cycling gloves IMG_5835 IMG_5841It’s funny, as I runner, I don’t seem to take time to look around me and take it all in. I’m quite focused on the road ahead, my time and my pace. But cycling is different. Unless you’re racing, you do get to do a lot more sight seeing and observing. It was such a stunning morning. I’m so glad I went! The Cradle July 2014-001

3 thoughts on “A morning out on my MTB

  1. I am just getting back into riding my bike…and I need to do some work on my bike. Any thoughts on a bike stand. My concerns are money (not spending too much or too little) and stability. Any thoughts would be helpful.


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