Pelvis my dear Elvis

Thinking back now, it was better that KK never had his ‘groin’ pain checked out properly before Comrades. If he had, he would have most probably pulled out of the race.

We finally know what the cause of the pain is. It’s not a torn leg muscle or groin injury. He went for an x-ray and as clear as daylight, he has a stress fracture of his pelvis.


Photo credit: Google image (not KK’s)

Out for 8 weeks. Out. No gym, no light training, no short easy runs. Out. Complete rest.

It’s been two weeks now and he’s already going mad! How do you tell someone like him, who runs or gyms every day of the week, to do nothing. To rest.

It’s funny how once you know what’s wrong, once you have a proper diagnosis of the problem , how easy it is to put a recovery plan in place to manage. Previously, random Google searches would bring up a million results but leave you feeling confused and frustrated.

KK knows what he needs to do now. He knows the journey ahead and that unless he rests, he won’t heal. It’s a runner’s worst nightmare! But he has no choice.

6 thoughts on “Pelvis my dear Elvis

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  3. Please pass on my condolences, I can relate. Have not been able to WALK for 5 weeks and I’m going crazy! Not even halfway through stage 1 of a lengthy recovery process. 😦


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