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Lately, KK and I have been trying some new and exciting restaurants in Jo’burg. We started to get really tired of the same old restaurants every weekend so we started to make a real effort to try new ones. When you start to look, you find that Jozi is packed with trendy places!

Craft – Parkhurst

We decided to give Craft a go after hearing so many rave reviews. They don’t take bookings, but as I was told when I phoned, ‘If I arrive before 7pm, I was sure to get a table’. We did. And boy, after 7pm, the place was packed with many people putting their names down on a waiting list. Brilliant selection of Craft beers, loads to choose from, including many banting options such as cauliflower rice and ‘less-bread burger’ which is what I had. Tables are squeezed a little too tight, but come Summer when they are able to open the stacker doors, the place will be a winner!


Knead – Michaelangelo Towers, Sandton

Breakfasts are difficult for me. Due to the fact that I follow a low-carb high fat way of eating, I don’t eat bread, or jam, or flapjacks or scones or any other divine invention made with lashings of syrup and sugar. So when we found Knead, I was overjoyed to find that they had LCHF options on the menu. And I’m not just talking about scrambled eggs but a breakfast pizza on low-carb base. It was divine!  The service is excellent and the whole place feels clean, fresh and inviting.


I’ll keep you posted on some more places as we find them. Any recommendations on restaurants you like? Let me know!

*This is an unsponsored review of restaurants*

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