Feeding an Otter athlete

With so many running goals in his sights, KK has upped his training. Having successfully completed his first ever Otter trail run, his running calendar includes events such as Kaapsehoop (ticked off his list), 94.7 cycle challenge and Ultra Trail Cape Town (UTCT) with a couple of Westcliff stairs and Kingskloof training sessions thrown in.

He loved Otter! Compared to road running, Otter gave him a challenge he’s never encountered before. With Comrades, you just run and if you’re mentally strong enough, shut out the rest of the world and make sure you jog along to the end. But with Retto (Otter run backwards) this year, the course did not allow for any sections where your mind clutches out. In fact, trail running is a whole other beast!Otter trail run 2016Otter trail run 2016Otter trail run 2016

14 000 steps awaited KK, including water slides into the Bloukrans River, river crossings, runs on beaches, crossing boulders, making his way through forests, balancing off edges of cliffs…

But with the increase in training has come an increase in appetite. He eats. He eats a lot!

Each evening when I pack his lunchbox for work, I try match it to his training schedule. I know for example that a 4am session running the Westcliff stairs means he’ll be starving for the rest of the day. KK has been complaining that he doesn’t have enough food in the day. So in my search for new and exciting ideas, I found this recipe:

Sweet potato bacon cakes! A great lunchbox filler perfect for KK!

Sweet potato

Full recipe at: http://paleoleap.com/sweet-potato-bacon-cakes/

It’s a hectic downhill rush to the end of the year. Not too many races ahead but still a lot of training. Hope this fills KK’s belly and gives him the energy he needs.

As for me, just knowing there’s a mandatory rest period pencilled in his training schedule is enough to look forward to!

Happy training runners!

Ps: Oh and Otter 2017. Already entered. KK wastes no time!

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