You never regret it.

I’ll be honest with you, I did not want to get out of bed this morning to go running. I know I need to put some extra training in because of all the 10km races coming up soon but that didn’t stop me from having that mental negotiation with myself as I lay snuggled up in bed.

My head told me:

  • The cold front has arrived. You know you don’t like to run in the cold. I hate it!
  • The wind is blowing. You hate the wind and this wind is icy. My worst!
  • It’s Sunday. It’s the day of rest so turn over and go sleep. It sounded so good!Excuses

Somehow, I reasoned with myself that it was much warmer heading off to gym than it was being out on the roads, so off I went.

An hour later, driving home, I had the biggest smile on my face. Here’s what my heart told me:

  • You did good. Sometimes I find myself training harder on the treadmill than what I do out on the road. And funny enough, I am able to run in under 8 mins /km on that “deathmill”
  • The woman running on the treadmill next to me had a prosthetic leg. Nothing says be grateful you can run than seeing that
  • Your body thanks you! I had that awesome red glowing face. I love that look!

I need to remind myself regularly that not once have I ever regretted running.

Earlier this week, I happened to find jasmine on my time trial route. What an awesome smell which always alerts me that Spring is finally on its way.Jasmine

Thank goodness for changing seasons! Running is not for sissies (unless there’s a cold front, right?). Have a wonderful week!