It’s all in your head

There’s just one more week to go before the Comrades marathon and life at home has started to mirror the actual race day. The many months of training has prepared KK for the first 60kms of the race. But it’s the last 30kms or so where his mind needs to take over and he will have to rely on mental strength to get him to that finish line.

These last couple of days has felt like those final 30kms and KK has gone through every emotion possible. But he’s not alone. I’ve seen other runners going through the same thing, many of them posting to social media. Here’s a few which I know both runners and supports will relate to.

  • The struggles with tapering and worrying if they’ve done enough trainingcomrades
  • The nightmaresComrades nightmares
  • Trying desperately not to get sick
    Comrades flu 4 Comrades flu 3
  • The false niggly aches and pains in the legsComrades niggly
  • The inability to concentrate on anything non-Comrades relatedComrades days off work
  • The fearsComrades leave it there
  • The joysComrades rest days

As supporters, we feel it all. But hang in there! Keep calm. You’ve We’ve got this!Comrades countdown