My dogs are like little humans …

My dogs, in some funny way, remind me of humans…

  They each have very different personalities and as much as I love them both equally, I do recognise a constant struggle as they fight for a bigger share of my attention.

Annie (my 1st born as my maid, Queen, puts it) is the smaller of the two. Skinny, light, but very highly-strung. Emma, the younger, is over-weight, laid-back and carefree. Emma does have the cuter face with big bold eyes and like her mom (me) is always smiling. Yet, behind that cuteness lies a very dark streak.

You see, deceptively, Emma uses her size and weight to her advantage and constantly pushes little Annie around. If Annie jumps up on my legs to give me a love, Emma will too and I see her taking baby steps side-ways to slowly edge Annie out of the way. It’s difficult to reprimand Emma and so instead, I give them both a kiss and a love back.

I guess in a way, I’m doing Annie a disfavour. She never causes a scene but gracefully slinks away.

So too in life, there are those that willingly take advantage of the weak and gentle-natured people and those that humbly accept defeat.

I don’t love Emma any less. But when I got home from work tonight, I did give Annie an extra loving hug and kiss, just so she knows… (behind Emma’s back, of course).


4 thoughts on “My dogs are like little humans …

  1. I love how you blog from your heart.

    You dont try and make it more sensational than it is.

    Your readers get to now you..

    Its a real insight into your life, cant wait till the next post…


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