Planting seedlings

I planted the most beautiful seedlings in my garden on Saturday. Dark red petunias as well as delightful sprays of impatients.

I was home alone in the garden, having just fed the birds and was quietly sitting on the grass, with muddy fingers, watching them fight and natter at each other (birds in the northern suburbs of Jo’burg are very aggro!).

As I sat there, I started thinking about a friend of mine…

She has been away from work for almost 3 weeks now as she is embarking on her Hajj trip. Before she left, she asked me to do something. She requested that I forgive her for any wrong doing or for any times that we had a disagreement between us.

As I understood it, she made this request to all family and friends to resolve any outstanding differences and ask for forgiveness which is part of her spiritual preparation for Hajj.

The enormity of this hit me and as I carried on planting my seedlings, it made me think that this is such an awesome, powerful thing to do. In fact, more people should do it, regardless of religion.

It allows one to start over, to forgive and to renew bonds. To just let go and release some of that anger and resentment that is weighing down on our shoulders.

It’s a clean slate. The chance to start off ‘fresh’. New beginnings. Just like planting new seeds, I guess.

I am holding thumbs that my seedlings grow and that I have enough sun shining onto the beds to ensure the flowers survive and bloom with brilliant colour to lighten up my garden for Summer. (And I promise to remember to dead head them!)

Every time I look at the flowers, I’ll be reminded of my friend’s personal journey and what it means to forgive, to let go and start again.

I’m really looking forward to her return…

2 thoughts on “Planting seedlings

  1. Well I never!! very impressed! dont forget to talk to you plants,praising them and thanking them for giving you joy……sounds dotty but plants have feelings too you know. lovely way to de-stress. Dont forget to ferilize (feed)


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