Running as one

I’m really jealous of KK. He has a dedicated running partner who not only runs his pace, but is also his best friend.

KK and DSM have been best friends since 1988. They both went to Wits together, studied engineering and have remained friends ever since. They’ve been each other’s best men, mentor and confident ever since I can remember. In fact, they still speak to each other when they drive home from work almost every day. They’ve supported each other through the good times as well as the bad.

They think alike. They do things the same way. But through it all, they are inseparable.

This is never more evident than when you observe their running.

You see, they have been running partners for many years. Not only do they train together but also run every race together.

They dedicate every Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays to their training. They support each other during races, physically and mentally.

When KK has a bad run, DSM will slow down the pace and get KK to the finish line. When DSM struggles up the hills, KK pushes him. They set the same goals. They run the same race. They run as one.

Running alone is difficult. Pushing yourself is tough. Ask me, I know.

Some races require that extra something and if you have someone who wants you to achieve as much as you want them to, you’re already half way to that finish line.

It’s like that in life too…

We all have our own races to run. But without support, some of us fail to cross that finish line.

4 thoughts on “Running as one

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  3. Looking a KK and yourself as a couple, I can imagine that this is also a metaphore for the two of you and your life together.

    In life, as in a run, you encounter many up-hills/cramps/fatige when you feel like giving up, that’s when your partner is there to help you over the tough times, so you can enjoy the downhills together.

    Keep up the great posts,

    Keep walking….


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