Don’t stop planning

After enduring a week of extreme heat, we woke up to the most glorious, cool rain. It did not stop KK and his running partner DSM from heading out for their weekly run but I was not that brave and decided to wait it out.

After returning from their run, KK and DSM started discussing their Comrades training schedules. Having run since they were both at Varsity in the late 80’s, it’s the first time they’ve decided to give the “Big C” a try. Printouts lay on the table of various training schedules, Lindsay Parry, Don Oliver, Old Mutual, Modern Athlete… It’s quite surprising at how different they all are. Some demand daily runs, others allow for rest days (which really appeals to DSM).

Race plan

As I sat pondering whether or not I should brave the rainy weather myself and go for a run, it did occur to me that with KK’s extra training, I’d possibly also get to do a lot more running myself this year, especially since there are a few road races earmarked in their draft training schedule.

This is great and I’m quite excited about it. Their dedication and commitment will definitely rub off on me and I’m looking forward to the build-up in the coming months.

When DSM left, KK surprised me by joining me on my run. I had planned the whole week to do a LSD as I have Johnson Crane half marathon coming up and have not yet run many long distances recently.

As we headed up to the 4km mark it started to rain. It was a sprint home and I must admit that I have never run so fast in my life trying to catch up to KK!

Just thinking about my LSD and even Comrades, I realised that as much as you plan, as much as you think things will go your way, anything can happen. But it shouldn’t stop you from just doing it. The outcome is still rewarding!

4 thoughts on “Don’t stop planning

  1. This is such an appropriate post for me, especially today! I am a BIG planner, especially when it comes to exercise. I am hoping to do Comrades this year so I have my qualifying marathon in just four short weeks’ time. I am absolutely nowhere near where I had planned to be regarding fitness. I moved to Ghana two weeks ago and thought running here would be so easy. I was so wrong. The streets are dirty and there’s no such thing as PEAK HOUR traffic because the traffic is horrendous ALL DAY! So running on the street means maneuvering between litter, avoiding potholes, holding my breath so I don’t inhale gallons of car fumes and trying to not dehydrate as the heat and humidity suck every ounce of water from me.

    This was the furthest scenario I could have imagined when I was planning my idyllic training program. but then something dawned on me just the other day: running a marathon won’t be easy, running the Two Oceans Ultramarathon also won’t be easy and Comrades definitely won’t be a walk in the park. So why did I think my training leading up to these races would be?!

    So here’s to planning, and then throwing those plans out the window and just putting your head down and running!


    • OMW! I just loved reading that! I was up in Nigeria a few years back for a week and can remember that awful traffic and the noise! It’s so not like the peaceful quite streets of Johannesburg (we’re so spoilt). But like you say, training is training and ya, I suspect you will most probably come back extra strong! Not too long to go before Oceans and Comrades and I wish you well with the rest of your training!


  2. I know what it is like to plan, train and then not have things go your way.
    In 2012 I trained for IM70.3, but had to pull out the morning of the race due to flu. I knew I was being stupid if I race. BUT I still felt like I had achieved my goal. I wanted to get back into training after being of for over a year, and I loved the planning, the following a schedule etc. So yes it was disappointing, but the training and planning paid off anyway. And I went back the following year and did the race.


    • OMW! I remember that! A friend of mine once told me that even though the race doesn’t go my way, it’s time on my feet and I should see every minute I’m out on the road in my running shoes as valuable time. He’s right.


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