Cycle Challenge Sunday memories…

As typical Jo’burgers, KK and I have a wonderful tradition of supporting the 94.7 Cycle Challenge every year. We carry our camper chairs and cooler box up to the main road and sit cheering on the cyclists as they pass.

The race holds a special place in KK’s heart. He has successfully completed the race 7 times before and so while he watches the riders, he will repeatedly suggest that he will attempt to do it again next year.

It doesn’t really appeal much to me. Except for the fact that I get quite emotional just watching the race unfold and exactly how special it is to so many cyclists…

Some of my favourites parts of the day:

  • Lying in bed and hearing the helicopter fly over our house just before 7am and knowing the front riders are passing through my hood.
  • Packing a cooler box, not forgetting the sammies from Woolies we bought the day before in preparation.
  • Walking up the road and greeting all the neighbours (and the furry ones).
  • The cheering of people when they spot their friends and family passing and handing them beers and chocolates.
  • Tapping our feet to the music from God First church who always come out to support. This year, they made free boerie rolls and bacon rolls with drinks for everyone.
  • Seeing cyclists helping each other up the uphills by giving each other a push on the back.
  • All the different, crazy outfits that some cyclists wear.
  • The inspirational cyclists riding for CHOC in the hot, cow outfits.
  • The disappointed looks of the cyclists on the back of the sweeper van. Sorry guys!

It’s truly one of my favourite days and as we make our way back home, seeing the cops opening up the streets to traffic, it’s great to know that the event has the support of so many in Jo’burg.

I love this city!

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