Running through my weekend…

Weekend april 17 memories1. For me, there’s nothing like that drive home on a Friday afternoon, knowing it’s the weekend! ~ 2. Curry & wine at The Raj to celebrate my birthday with KK. My new favourite dish: Aloo Paratha which is a potato filled roti. ~ 3. Wimpy breakfast & cupcakes with the Running Junkies after track. Makes waking up at 4:30 worth it. ~ 4. Snuggling with Annie. Her post-op checkup is this week. ~ 5. Sunday morning run. It’s mid Autumn and look how beautiful and green everything still is! ~ 6. My banting cheese bread – perfect with any braai.

How was your weekend?

Sundays are my Fundays!

During our December break last year, we managed to spend quite a few arb weekends lazing around the pool the entire day doing nothing; and I mean absolutely nothing! It was glorious! I recall telling KK that I would really miss it when we went back to work and normality kicked into gear from January. But he challenged me saying, well, why must things change? We can still make time for lazy weekends next to the pool during the year can’t we?

So it’s not exactly a New Year’s Resolution, but a promise I made to myself that I would try as often as I could to ensure that we still spend those lazy Sundays at the pool, lying in the sun, braai’ing, listening to music and truly enjoying the weekend. I’m proud to say we’ve stuck to it. As Autumn creeps into our lives, I know that the weekends are limited in terms of sunning ourselves for hours outside. But I’m glad we did. I’m even prouder to admit that I swam. Often!

Sundays2 Sundays3Sundowners Sundays4 Sunshine1 Sundays1Oh look, it’s Friday again. Hello weekend! Hello pool! Hello sun! Hello fun!

Happy weekend everyone!

ps: okay Autumn, we’re ready for you.

Running through my weekend

Weekend with Dom

1. Friday night treat of pizza’s from Andiccio’s. 2. Movies with my niece. (I remember all the words to the songs from Annie.) 3. Shopping with my niece. 4. Frozen yoghurt – vanilla, coconut & a splash of mint. 5. Early morning back massage & love for Annie. 6. Shavathon hair dye 7. Caught in the rain on a Saturday night. 8. Photos for my Japan visa. 9. A PB at the Vaal 21.1km race!

Running through my weekend


1. Track running at 6am on Saturday & an awesome easy Sunday 11km run. 2. Post Twisted Whiskers Summer cut. Happy smiles! 3. Afternoon naps on the bed with mommy. 4. Small bites for me zucchini & squid heads 5. …and small bites for KK at Il’ Locolina, Hobart Square. 6. Sushi platters for Supper. 7. Sunday afternoon blogging. 8. LCHF Almond seed crackers baked & ready. 9. Sunday roast with a wine spritzer. Why not?