Sadness. Disappointment. Please can today be over?

Marla passed away at 7am this morning. The question I wanted to desperately to ask her in October last year has been answered. It took 4 months for the brain tumour to take her from us. Good bye Marla. I’m heartbroken.

My running coach emailed me to say he is very disappointed in my results. After 4 weeks of intense training, I am still slow and have not improved. I am so upset. I hate my running so much right now. I’m shattered.

I just wanna crawl into a ball and cry and cry and cry.

9 thoughts on “Sadness. Disappointment. Please can today be over?

  1. Hey Bron, so sorry to hear about your loss 😦
    On the running side, if it helps, of my years and years of running have yielded many great victories, but plenty dissapointments too. I actually hung up my shoes after last years comrades. I lost the mojo. I never took a step until the kudus race this year, then dischem, then bobbies on sunday, and im totally passionate again.
    It doesnt mean you must stop , im just saying that we all have little setbacks and dissapointments. Some run through them, some take a break till the mojo returns.

    I think you are expecting too much too soon to be honest.

    Run Happy, Run Grumpy, Run Speedy, Run Slow, Run a Little, Run a lot, just have fun !!

    Let me know when you are next at a race, I’d love to run your distance with you and have a catch up, and whatever your goal for that day, let me pace for you and give you a helping hand, it’ll be my pleasure. Keep your chin up Bo, and keep going 🙂


  2. Ah pal. I am so sorry to hear about Marla. What a sad day today must have been for you? My thoughts are with you!!!

    Don’t be dispondent regarding your running. Your are passionate about it and you will improve. You are determined, you have persevered and you have been an inspiration to MANY so don’t give up now!

    I’m here for you! Anytime. *BEEEEG HUG*.
    Luv ya always!


  3. You are strong. So sorry for your loss, and the other bad news on top of that. Only you REALLY know how hard you have worked and what you have put in. This now becomes about you and you only, not your trainer. Get the passion back for your running as opposed to times, secs and the hapiness of your trainer. Take a break. Have a pizza and start enjoying your running again. Being too mechanical and methodical in approach is not going to make you happy. Take it easy Bronwynne. Get the passion back, it’s up to you!


  4. Big, big hugs to you.

    As for the running. Remeber why you enjoyed it in the first place. I am sure it was not because of any speed you thought you might attain. Throw away the watch for a bit and just run, or walk, or scream at the lamp posts as you pass, or whatever makes you remember what it was that you enjoyed.


  5. Aaaaw hon – you are in my thoughts. Sorrow is never easy especially when it is somone you care about or love. What a blessing though to know that you were able to be a part of this very special persons life and the memories you created will always be timeless treasures…

    And as for your running… There is a famous old song that goes “I’ll get knocked down but I”ll get up again.. You never gonna keep me down”… Remember how far you have come and even though you may be despondant right this minute & may not have achieved as much as you wanted to, that tomorrow is another chance of trying again… You are one in a million and an inspiration to many & tomorrows race will prove yet again that you are not a failure but a “go-getter”!! The last 4 weeks of running has proved that against all odds you shine and are willing to go that extra mile. Chin up, smile, breathe and let this world see thay “Bron” is a force to be reckoned with :o)


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