Choose your attitude

Last week, someone on Twitter posed the question: do you prefer running in the mornings or the afternoons and why?

Without hesitation, I replied saying, “Definitely afternoon. It gives me time to clear my head after a stressful day”.  I then sat back and thought about it… the question I asked myself was, “Why the stress? What’s going on?”

On the work front, things have never been better. Never before have I had such clear direction as to what my role is and what is required from me. (Thanks Sue).

The stress is coming from those around me, my colleagues and the politics at work.

The facts: I work for a large corporate. Red tape, bureaucracy, processes, and especially politics is always going to form part of the culture of my working environment.  People are busy. They have jobs to do, deliverables that have to be met, outputs with tight deadlines.

What gets to me most is that regardless of the facts, majority of people have become almost institutionalised. They’ve forgotten to greet one another; they’ve forgotten to smile, to laugh, to have fun and even to respect one another. The smallest of issues gets blown out of proportion and they don’t look for solutions, but blame.

Most days I see colleagues walking out the door to go home with heavy shoulders, tired faces and lifeless.What those negative, frustrated, moaning people at work don’t realise is that their attitudes can make or break someone else’s day. That their constant complaining, back-stabbing and negative comments do little but create an environment where it’s a challenge not to get sucked into all the politics but to rise above it and remain positive.

A colleague asked me the other day, “Bron, how do you do it. How do you manage to smile and be so positive with all this going on around you?”

My answer: Well, you just have to. Some things won’t change. Corporate world is the same no matter where you go. But it’s the way you deal with situations and those involved which makes the difference.

… and at least I am able to run off that stress when I get home.

4 thoughts on “Choose your attitude

  1. Whats really scary is that one possibly brings that attitude home and it affects those around you.I must say things were so different many years ago and I have such empathy with you all struggling in today’s working environment. Great idea is to share and build each other up and be true to yourself, everyone needs some form of escapism to recharge yourself. Also dont set someone elses goals as your own you could add more stress. Just chill do things at your own speed and your own goals! Above all Learn to LAUGH. Thats one thing that we as a family just love to do. lul.


  2. Love that you wrote this post Bron. My new colleagues keep asking me why I left my old job, because it sounds as though I really loved it. And I did really love it. Thinking back, I sometimes ask myself the same question, why dod I leave. But I think you’ve answered it for me. Red tape, bureaucracy, processes, and politics.

    And you right it is part of wokring for corporate. It’s the same here. The trick will be to rise above it.


  3. I really needed to read this today! It’s been a bit of an eye opener of how I’m allowing myself to act in my position at the moment which I’m not proud of. Thank you for this.


  4. Thanks for another inspiring read! It is a pity that people become what they think. Once negative thoughts are there it is unfortunately a downward spiral that have influence to all around you.

    I started watching a DVD last night by Brian Tracey on The Unbreakable Law of Self Confidence…and sadly to say..only to find that I became one of them! However, I am thankful for the information to correct it. Realizing that I have to have a check up from the neck up, I realized that you need to get a outlet and what better way to take a run or a swim or cycling to clear the mind, become focused, and be a healthier better “you”! I have to set new goals starting building a new me, healthier and happier, and taking up any challenge with a smile and learn out of mistakes.

    I believe a positive attitude is addictive and will draw people closer in search for a better me. Hence the person that came to you for advice. Keep on at what you do!


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