Keeping up with wonderful women

I am incredibly blessed to have a group of amazing women in my life. Women who make me sit back and marvel at their lives, things that they do and how they make it look so easy, so simple and so wonderful.

I’m talking about those that are single mothers. How you find the energy to work a full, stressful day in the office and still go home to work a further 12 hour shift and raise the most beautiful, curious and active children is beyond me.

I’m also talking about the beautiful women who make time to ensure their nails are always manicured, their feet are soft and smooth and their legs are shaven. If you pop up at their homes unexpectedly, they look glamorous, even in house clothes.

The women in my life who are the most talented bakers and chefs… women who know flapjack recipes out of their heads. The ones who make a lasagne from scratch when they get home from a busy day at the office, those that bake blue smurf cupcakes for nephews and even some who know the importance of brown onion soup for roast potatoes.

Many of these amazing women are so positive, even through adversity. There are ‘angels’ doing some inspiring work with their families and friends within their church and charities. It’s a real honour to know them and that they expect nothing in return.

When I think of the women in my life, I am also referring to the gym bunnies. The runners. The ones who eat healthily and who are always looking after their bodies. They are always up for a challenge and who are fearless.

I love the women in my life who make me laugh. The catch up suppers where we can share a vegetarian platter of meze but order meatballs and calamari on the side. The women who will sit and listen to hours of me analysing my running victories and failures and never grow tired of me moaning.

I smile as I think about the ones that I’ve known for more than half my life. The ones who’ve stood by me through high school, my 20’s and now into my 30’s. But also those I’ve met only recently and who know me so well.

There are those I go to for advise, some who fill my laughter tank, others who have wonderful adventures to share. Some are good for hugs. Others who never hold back when I need a stern lecture and to set me back on course when I need it most.

But most of all, all of these amazing women in my life are precious and remind me constantly to be grateful to have them there, everyday. Thank-you!

*Dedicated to my mom, sister and all the girlfriends in my life who I love & adore!

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