Observations from my morning run

A while back I decided to stop obsessing over my pace when I ran but instead appreciate my surroundings and listen to my body. On my run this morning, I did just that…

I ran the Robin – Logan – Curzon route. 10kms. Difficulty rating = 3. Time: 1:32mins. Fastest km: 7:12mins/km. Confession: I walked a lot.


1. When I stopped mumbling to myself, I was overwhelmed by the beautiful sounds of birds all along the way. I really must make an effort to visit the Norscot Koppies and Kingfisher Nature Reserve in Douglasdale sometime.

2. I witnessed a naughty little Jack Russel chasing a family of kieviets. His days are numbered.

3. I passed a total of 17 runners! Apparently this is the last LSD weekend before Comrades runners start tapering down.

4. The rottweiler in Moray street wants me for Sunday lunch. I will not attempt to make friends with him again.

5. Heading out for my run after 8am is way too late! I was roasting by the time I got home. I struggle to run when I’m hot. I can’t lie in on a Sunday morning and go run. I need to decide which one I’d rather do.

The best part was showering and jumping back in to bed with a cup of tea… Total bliss!

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