My 4 weeks of hibernation

Not having KK around for 4 weeks certainly made me realise some hard truths about myself. The main one is that I rely too heavily on him. Running a household is tough when you’re on your own. Even tougher when there are things around the house that you have no idea what to do with.

If I thought that I would spend 4 weeks milling around, reading, blogging and visiting family, I was mistaken. I was like a bear and simply shut down, going in to hibernation, waiting for his return. This didn’t help things around the house though.

The biggest thing I realised is that I do take KK for granted. I realised just how much he does around the house and just how much I need him. I am so* glad he’s home!

9 thoughts on “My 4 weeks of hibernation

  1. My hubby learnt the hard way too, between 2007 and 2008 I was away for almost 11 months (not at a stretch, the longest was 5 months at once, but it was hard). His trick for getting by buried himself in work and ate too much Nan.dos 😉

    Easier to be the one away than at home alone


  2. I love how you have taken so much lessons from this period of time in your life. It have learnt you so much and happy that you could see the pros and cons and what you need to improve on.
    Happy that your partner is back at your side – so not cool to have them away from one.


  3. I feel for you. You have braved the hardest part of being married .. and that is being apart from the other half for a long period… well done on surviving it 🙂
    As the saying goes, absence makes the heart fonder!


  4. I love your lists.

    There is a possiblity that Mr OL might be going on a business trip to Germanylter this year for 3 months! Yikes. I am sure that I will learn some stuff too.


  5. Hibernation YES, mine been away almost 8 weeks now, what makes it worse is that there are no races in CG. Aai happy ur boo is back.


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