Surviving my first bike ride

Nervous did not begin to describe how I felt when we woke up on Sunday morning. This was the day that we decided to go for a “gentle” ride on our bikes. Kitted out in helmets, padded cycling shorts and warm clothes, off we went.

The plan was to cycle from Douglasdale, collect our besties on the way in Bryanston, head through Randburg into Delta Park, shoot through to Parkhurst for a quick breakfast and head back home. I secretly wondered if that wasn’t too enthusiastic, especially since I had not ridden my bike for 10 years after I threw it on the pavement and walked home.

Cycling is different to running. Running is harder. Running relies solely on the fitness of your legs to get you both up those hills and down. Whereas in cycling, even though you have to peddle like mad to push up those nasty hills, you do get to free-wheel on the down hills and relax a bit while the bike does most of the work.

Some observations from my ride:

1. Delta Park is absolutely beautiful! Wow Jozi! The dry winter grass; the sound of the flowing water; the people walking their dogs; runners, cyclists and even horses! What a gem.

2. 36kms sounds far, but I survived. I did have to stop once or twice to catch my breath, but I did not at any stage get off my bike and walk. I call this progress.

3. Cyclists are unfriendly. Compared to runners who always greet one another, cyclists hardly acknowledge one another. Odd. I know my butt was getting sore so I just wonder if this is perhaps the reason they are all so moody?

There is one (hard) lesson I’m learning about myself. I allow my nerves to ruin the joy of the ride. I kept worrying that I would be too slow and hold everyone up. Or that my bike would break. Or that I would be too unfit to get home. Or worst of all, a puncture!

But as I was riding, I remember KK’s words to me when I started running: “There is no way you can ever come last, so just enjoy the run”. It’s the same with cycling, I guess. Stop stressing and just enjoy the ride Bron! I need to work on that…

I am seriously looking forward to the next outing. But for now, I need to rest my butt!

2 thoughts on “Surviving my first bike ride

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog

    Good for you B. You made it, despite your misgiving!!! I am too scared to even learn to ride a bike. Like Paula I am scared of falling and breaking some bone in my “old” body.


  2. ah and here I thought cycling was harder casue you have to ‘carry’ a bike 🙂
    I’m scared of bikes of falling and the height


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