Set your own goals. Run your own race.

I’m going through a process of goal setting at work. Funny enough, I only really set goals for myself when it comes to my running (and weight loss). As a regular reader of my blog, you may know that my goal is to run faster than 8mins/km. I’m getting there. Slowly. Two friends entered my mind as I sat at my desk, thinking about goals…

Both of them ran the Comrades marathon this year. The one friend was aiming for a silver medal while the other was running her tenth Comrades. Both had different goals, even though it was the same race. Only one was successful in reaching her goals and proudly boasts her permanent number which I’m sure she’ll wear with pride on future Comrades runs. Well done @tanyakovarsky! It’s an awesome achievement!

My other friend, unfortunately, had to pull out of the race half way. According to reports, she had headed out too fast and became ill. She still won’t talk about it and I suspect this will haunt her for quite a while especially since she came 22nd overall in 2010 and achieved a Bill Rowan medal in 2011.

In discussions with some of my other friends, some have asked why she pulled out instead of taking it easy and just finishing before the cut-off gun. She had time on her side. But as a runner, this is not what it’s about. I’ve often had people say to me, don’t worry about your running time. If you miss the 3 hour cut-off for a half marathon, it’s okay. Do it for fun. Fun?

The fact is, unless you are successful at reaching your goals, it’s not fun. If you aren’t able to reach the goals you set out for yourself, it makes no sense to deliver on someone else’s goals. The goals you set for yourself are incredibly meaningful and it’s important that you don’t allow someone else to dictate what they think is the goal post.

I know she’ll be back running soon and achieve that medal she is striving for. In the meantime she remains one of the most inspirational runners I know. In fact, she’s one of the few people who make me believe in myself. Thanks Estie!

2 thoughts on “Set your own goals. Run your own race.

  1. Reaching your own goals are so important but there are times that you need to forgive yourself for not achieving the *achievable*. I’ve been battling with this myself and only recently I’ve realized it’s okay to fail. Failure is one step closer to the finish line, if you decide to get up and try it again.


    • This is so true. I am way to hard on myself and often find i never achieve any goals or i’m never happy with what i have achieved. Thx for the comment. It really made me re-think this post.


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