I don’t mind if you snore…

I was kept awake this week listening to my hubby (aka KK) snore. This is a rare occurrence because he never snores. The poor guy has not been well. Run down and fluey, he eventually went to see a doctor last week who diagnosed a ‘virus’. Due to a blocked nose, he’s been snoring at night which has kept me awake. But I don’t mind. You see, he normally sleeps so quietly that I’ll often mistakenly talk to him if I am awake, thinking he’s awake. Being the light sleeper that I am, it’s a blessing that he doesn’t snore. Thank-you my darling for a good night’s sleep.

KK and I divide the chores around the house. He ensures all the washing gets done. Being an engineer, he is an expert at dividing the darks from the lights. I’ve watched him when he loads the washing machine. The pants get turned inside out. He checks the labels for any hand wash items. Hanging the washing on the line is a master skill as each item gets hung in a particular way with the right pegs. Thank-you for the time you take with the small things.

If I happen to get home late, KK does not mind starting with supper. Compared to how I throw the veggies in the pot, he takes time to cut and snip each end of the beans, he carefully de-layers brussel sprouts in case of bugs and he will even steam veggies that could’ve been done quicker in the microwave. He is a Masterchef when it comes to fried rice and good old spaghetti bolognaise. Thanks-you sweety for having such patience.

I could go on and on. Such as when we run road races and he packs in a spoon for my yoghurt. Or how he puts toothpaste on my toothbrush every morning. Or how he switches on my electric blanket at night so that my bed is warm…

The best is when I run a race and he meets me 1km from the finish line and runs me to the finish. It’s his face I look for after 21kms…

I love you KK.


3 thoughts on “I don’t mind if you snore…

  1. As usual so beautifully written and so heartfelt – made me call my hubbie and say thanks for everything he does….. xxx


  2. A real keeper 🙂 Such a great post. Reminds me to remind myself of the little things my own guy does, and to be grateful.


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