Taking my slippers off

To say that I am feeling miserable is putting it lightly. I’m in a dip, a low point…

I woke up on Sunday morning to the tweets of fellow runners who had just completed the Pirates 10km running race. I remember the race from last year when a great running tweetup had been organised. This year, I lay in bed sleeping, feeling sorry for myself. Worse is that I had promised a fellow tweep that I’d run with her and seeing her joy as she finished her first 10km race really made me feel crap.

The fact is that I haven’t run for ages. My last race was the RAC 10km in June. Firstly, I’m not the biggest winter runner. I hate getting cold. (My ears ache). Secondly, like most people, I was hit with flu which set my training, both running and gym, back for a couple of weeks. Thirdly, I hate my body at the moment. I’m overweight and I feel heavy, irritated and downright miserable.

It’s a vicious cycle. The less I run, the worse I feel. If I don’t get to gym, I feel guilty (and then I eat). It’s a bad place to be. So, Monday is always a good time to make a change, which I did. I got to gym lekker early and decided to do a ‘light’ run before the spinning class started.

To my surprise I managed to run 2kms around the running track without stopping. I was hot, drenched in sweat, aching, out of breath. OMG! It felt fantastic!

Yeah, so it’s only 2kms. But it’s exactly what I needed to do! It’s as if I needed to flick that switch in my head.

I may not be the best runner in the world. I know that I don’t run very far compared to most other runners. I know for a fact that I may even be the slowest runner I know. But I’ve come to realise that running makes me feel good. It makes me feel fit. It makes my body work and my mind work even harder. And that’s what matters.

In life, if you find something that motivates you, pushes you and makes you get off that couch and work towards a goal, don’t ever stop. It doesn’t have to be running. Just as long as it’s a passion that lifts you out of that dip and keeps you going.

8 thoughts on “Taking my slippers off

  1. You always manage to tie up your *world of running* so nicely to my *everyday world* and give me inspiration to firstly never give up and secondly realize it’s okay to be human. Thank you Bo!


  2. Focus on the virtuous cycle rather… Get off the couch, run, feel better, run some more, look better, feel even better, run some more. Only hurdle is to get off the couch, the rest will take care of itself. 🙂


  3. Don’t feel crap! Everyone has their “off” days (or months!) and I am quite sure that I’ll feel the same way soon. I’m still on a high from Sunday … hoping it lasts a while! xxx


  4. Hi Bo, glad you are feeling better and got some mileage (even if it’s just 2km) better than nothing. I get that vicious cycle, I actually told my friend the same thing about being too tired/lazy to go the gym then I feel overweight – which I am. 😦 and eat some more and then I still don’t go to the gym. A very bad bad cycle.

    Have you tried any of the many of the fun races? The walkers won’t make you feel bad there cos we are in there for the fun and do take it very slowly – think 5km in an hour plus :-). 😉


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