Do NOT phone me at 10pm tonight!

I must be the biggest fan of Opening Ceremonies. I love them! (I know, pretty nerdy right?)

The only opening ceremony I have been fortunate enough to attend was the 2010 FIFA World Cup at Soccer City. It’s a day I’ll never forget! When tickets sold out for it so quickly, I was devastated. But not giving up hope, I registered on a website which would send updates to my phone when tickets to games became available. I remember clearly waking up on a Saturday morning just after 7am and seeing the alert that opening ceremony tickets were available. I was shaking as I bought them! Unforgettable!

But wow, the Olympic Games opening ceremony is on a whole different level. Do you remember at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta when the great Muhammad Ali lit the Olympic flame, shaking from Parkinson’s? Oh wow…Legend.

Or at the 1992 games in Barcelona when that archer received the flame on the special tip of his arrow and shot it into the cauldron? Reports the next day were that it totally missed and technicians lit the flame themselves. People like me didn’t care.

Remember those giant footprints in the sky during the Beijing games? Awesomeness!

So I’ve given KK strict instructions not to make plans to go out with any friends tonight. If anyone knocks on my door, I’ll pretend we aren’t home. Nothing and nobody is going to stop me from watching it.

News reports have hinted that it is going to be spectacular! Spectacular! The music, the dancing, the celebrities, the crowds, the thousands of volunteers, the fireworks finished off with the walk of nations. Caster, you will make me cry, I just know it!

I have *goosies* already! I can’t wait!

Let the Games begin! *cheese alert*

6 thoughts on “Do NOT phone me at 10pm tonight!

    • It was fantastic! Although some people have been quite critical of it. But hey, the Bond scene with the Queen and even Mr Bean were done so well. Worth staying up so late for!


  1. Her Ma! who’s worried sick about Bronnie being sick!! I’ts a mothers right as I carried her for almost 10 months and went through labour….etc,etc.and if I cant be with her I’ll fone to say goodnight!! Noooo I’m not Jewish!! LOL


  2. Now who in their right mind, makes phone calls that late in the night?
    But, just like you, I too will be watching the Opening Ceremony and I will not be bothered 🙂


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