Thoughts from a race – #picknpayhalfmarathon

MedalThe Pick ‘n Pay road race is one of my favourite races. I’ve completed the half marathon three times and last year, I enjoyed the 8km fun run. Looking back, there are always moments during a race which stand out for me. Here are the ones from this particular race:

  • At 15 minutes before the race started, there were no queues at the loo’s. Bonus!
  • Even if I thought we were standing close to the front of the start pack, when the race started, it looked like a kilometer of runners stretched out in front of us.
  • I have started to recognise the same faces from previous races and it’s great to say hello as we head on out.
  • Another runner stopped me as we headed close to the 3 km mark and told me she remembered me so clearly from the Johnson Crane race. (That’s all she said? I hope it was a good thing.)
  • You get water points and you get water points. But two water points on this race rocked!
  • Having KK meet me at the 19km mark to run me to the finish line – Wonderful! I was filled with emotion.
  • A girl who had run slightly ahead of me the entire way slowed down in the last kilometer. I pushed her in front of me when we got to the field. It’s only right that she deserved to finish the race ahead of me.
  • Don’t under-estimate the awesomeness of a hotdog after running 21.1km!

If you ran and would like to add to my list, feel free to do so.

See you next year Pick ‘n Pay!

4 thoughts on “Thoughts from a race – #picknpayhalfmarathon

  1. How was the route and scenery?

    A few people from work did it too, am sorry I missed out. I just felt that I wasn’t quite ready to take on another half marathon just yet, am concentrating on my training for the Two Oceans half right now.

    I look forward to doing it next year though 🙂


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