What goes up always comes down

I’ve been trying something different with my running this year. I’ve included some hill training and speed work in to the mix. Yeah, I know it’s something runners are supposed to do but hey, to be honest, I’ve been pretty lazy in the last couple of years and haven’t been as disciplined as I should have been.

The hill training is pretty straight forward. I can feel my heart racing and my legs getting stronger every time I do them. My gosh, reaching the top just feels so brilliant every time.

Hill training has taught me 3 lessons…

  1. What goes up will come down. Hang in there. We all face those times in our lives when it feels as if there are more up hills than down hills. But they don’t last.
  2. Sometimes the down hills hurt. You look forward to them but (as I discovered running the Dischem 21km a few years back) if your legs are not ready for that sudden downhill, you will take strain. Be ready for the drop.
  3. Don’t avoid the up hills. Don’t hate them. They make you stronger. It’s how we deal with the up hills in life that builds us. Hills are just part of life – face them!Hills

A good friend and Comrades Silver medal finisher gave me this tip once: Starting on your left foot, with each step, repeat these words “1, 2, 3… on my left.” I know it sounds silly but somehow it does help to conquer those hills.

Here’s to an awesome week full of up hills as well as down hills!

3 thoughts on “What goes up always comes down

  1. Stair training and hill sprints helps so much.

    But training on hilly routes will also strengthen your legs.

    But you should train for the race you doing. No point running flats if you doing a hill race. Flats to me is killer and I love the hills.

    Each to his own I suppose.

    Have fun running.


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