Runners, do you recognize this face?

Mens MoosaHe’s a familiar face at pretty much all the road races in Jo’burg as well as Pretoria. He arrives at the race long before majority of the runners and sets out all his goodies. It’s mostly running shorts, carbo loading sweets, cool drinks from the back of his bakkie and running gloves (which have saved me before on an icy Winter morning). His name is Mens Moosa and he’s been a friendly face at the races for the last 25 years!

Mens says his love is mainly for ultra marathons and boasts 25 Comrades medals to his name. I did not realize that 5 minutes before the start of the races, he quickly packs up all his goods and manages to get to the start line to run the race with everyone else.

When you do see him next time, say hi! No race is the same without seeing his face! Thanks Mens!

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