Declaring your goals in running, at work, in life

KK has decided to run the full Two Oceans next year. He’s run six half Oceans before and has been ‘thinking’ about doing the full one for ages now. But it’s as if all of a sudden, it’s become a reality and he has set his sights firmly on the goal. There’s something quite powerful about declaring your goals and telling others of your intention.

I know this because it’s something I’ve been doing at work for the last 10 months.

I decided last year to move my career into a different direction. I chatted to mentors, friends and decision-makers about my thoughts and finally decided to make it happen. Things don’t happen overnight in a corporate, I’m afraid and so for a few months now, I’ve needed to be patient and wait for things to fall in to place.

It did not stop me from telling people of my intentions. I started reading up, researching and engulfing myself in conversation with colleagues in this field. I set my eyes on the goal and did not look away, even when there were bumps along the road and it looked as if it might never happen.

Each step takes you closer to the goal

Having a vision, a dream, a destination that you set your mind to is important. Putting the steps in place requires patience and planning. Being surrounded by those that believe in your goals and want you to reach your dreams is perhaps the most important part.

The months leading up to next year’s Two Oceans will be exciting and I’ll be there for KK every step of the way! Thanks to all those who have walked this journey with me too…

Please feel free to share your own thoughts, I love it when you do!

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