Running alone

When I usually run on my own I feel quite safe because I stick to the busy roads and pass quite a few complexes with security guards who I wave at. I always try and keep visible and before I leave home, KK knows exactly what route I’m running and what time he can expect me home.

But for some or other reason, when I woke up to go for my run this morning I was a bit apprehensive. I think it’s because I had chosen to try out a new route. I headed out the door but kept looking around (just in case) and felt like a bag of nerves at one point.

Suddenly everybody looked suspicious. It was only after I stopped what I was thinking and took hold of the fear that I saw something different.

… A taxi stopping just in front of me – offloading people smartly dressed for church.

… the dodgy cars parked outside on the pavement so early in the morning – bird watchers excitedly entering the Cumberland Bird Sanctuary.

.. My heart stopped! The man who was hiding behind the tree with a box – collecting leaves off a mulberry tree presumably for his kids’ silk worms.

Sunrise running woman

Today was such a beautiful morning and loads of other runners (including women on their own), cyclist and dog walkers decided to step out and enjoy the fresh morning air.

I’m well aware that I live in one of the most dangerous cities in the world. I am also aware that each and every time I walk out the door, be it for a run or on my way to work or to go shopping, that anything could happen. I can only try and do as much as I can and be safe but I’m not about to let my fear take hold of me.

Getting home and taking my running shoes off and dipping my feet in the pool felt amazing! I could feel my feet thanking me.

(Image: Google)

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