Thoughts on a run

There are some really great 10km races in Jo’burg at the end of every year. Starting with Pirates, Old Ed’s and this morning’s Wanderers 10km road race. Well-supported and filled with awesome vibe, the races wind through some of the most beautiful tree-lined suburbs Jo’burg has to offer. I was really pleased when my running coach agreed to me running the Wanderers 10km race because it’s one of my favourites. It’s also quite apt that a race called ‘Wanderers’ is also what my mind did as I meandered through the beautiful streets.

Here’s what went through my mind:

  • I forgot to drink water before the race. Crap. I was so happy to get to that first water stop.
  • Even though I was freezing at 6am, 10 minutes into my race, I warmed up. Next time, remember to ditch the gloves.
  • Run your own race. Yeah yeah… I repeat this to myself every time but keep watching how older, larger, taller, shorter, younger runners run past me with no effort. It’s my race that I need to focus on. Not theirs.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others. Just stop it!
  • I ran today. A lot. Most races, I walk quite a bit but what I tried to do today was run more than walk. No more street pole strategy. If this is running, I need to do just that.
  • I’ve only been to x4 training sessions with my coach and as desperate as I am to see results, I need to be patient. It’ll happen. It will. But not now. The focus for now is consistency and stability.
  • I need to run more. Confession: I haven’t been very consistent on my Tuesdays and Thursday.
  • 10km at 8 mins per km is still 10km. Well done! And three out of the 10kms were run at 7:28mins per km.
  • Watching other runners finish their races after me is a good way to prove to myself that I am not in fact the slowest runner in the field. KK taught me this. There are loads of people behind me. And they come in smiling.
  • A good cheese griller sausage after the race goes down really well! 🙂


Here’s to a great week, full of tough challenges and awesome running days!

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on a run

  1. Not sure if my first comment posted so …

    Loved this! It’s all about your own race! Wasn’t one of your goals to break the 8mins per km barrier??? GOOD JOB! X


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