Taking a break

I decided out of the blue to take a few days off work last week and the break couldn’t have come any sooner. I could feel that I needed a rest. My stress levels were high. I was tired and weepy. Everything and everyone was irritating me. So I did the best thing I could do: I spent a few days at my parents and then a few days in the bush with KK. It was bliss…Parents

My folks are pretty laid back and my mom has always encouraged us kids to get as much sleep as possible (which I did) and to do absolutely nothing (which I did) when we have the time and opportunity. Three days of lying on the couch, snacking, drinking cups of tea and watching the telly really helps to de-stress a person. I also managed to get in a 5km run with my dad which was so awesome!

cheetahs lion kill

Returning home from my parents, KK and I spent a few days in Madikwe at Tuningi Safari Lodge. Again, time well-spent; sleeping late, game drives, massage treatments and eating way too much delicious low-carb meals.

A combination of long chats with my folks and quality time with KK was exactly what I needed. (and of course nothing soothes the soul more than watching lazy elephants at a water hole every day).

elephant elephants

Even though I make sure I have a good balance between work and home, I’m the type of person that struggles to switch off. So I made a promise to do just that. I did not check any emails. I did not answer my phone when it rang. I also left the phone in the Tuningi room on most occasions. It’s amazing just how much thinking you do when you give your mind some space to do it.

I survived. I said goodbye to a lot of things that were taking up space in my head. I’m refreshed and ready to move on. Ready to tackle the downhill chase to the end of the year. Who’s with me?


1 thought on “Taking a break

  1. I’m with you with just about everything except the not stressing part;) Life is just loaded if I had the choice to go on a safari, I would probably want to stay forever lol. Surviving is hard with all the issues that pop up but I guess that’s part of whatever lives we choose to live..!? So I like the past behind me and the future in front. I’m glad you got some headspace B we all need to wind down from time to time.


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