It’s serious now.

I finally have one! A training programme from my running coach for the month of October. It feels like I’ve entered the big league now as I arrive at the running track checking out what my (I) pace or my (T) pace is for the session along with all the other runners. This is new for me because I’ve always been the kind of runner that just goes out and runs. (and then gets home disappointed at my pace).

But after almost two months of structured training, it’s finally sunk in. In my pre-Coach Dave days, every time I ran, I never had a plan as to how fast or slow I was going to run. My pace was either slightly faster that 8 mins/km or much slower than 8 mins/km. A structured programme cuts it up differently. There’s Easy, Threshold, Interval and Race pace and details as to when to run which pace on which days.

Happy Pace

There is a sense of relief having a programme too. Not only does it give me set distances to stick to each week, but for a change I know the difference between a quality track session and an easy Sunday run. Because there is a difference.

The track work forces me to give 110% effort and learn to run at the required training paces. I’m improving my aerobic capacity, conditioning my body for longer runs and increasing my overall performance without risking injury. An easy run is to get precious time on my feet but resisting the urge to run faster than I should.

The tricky part is getting my body to be familiar with the different paces – am I running too fast? Am I going too slowly? Because right now, without looking at my Garmin, I don’t know. Baby steps, right? Ha, and I thought running was just running! Silly me!

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