Race review – Pick ‘n Pay Half Marathon

Pick ‘n Pay Half Marathon – 2:46:16 NEW PB!

Feb 2015 – Saheti School

My Rating: 4/5. I struggled out there on my own, fighting all the way. Weather was incredibly hot too.

Previous attempts: 3:05:31 (2013); 3:05:10 (2014) Managed to take almost 20 minutes off my time which shows my training with Coach Dave is working.

PNP route

Overall: This is one of my favorite races and this year, the organizers did not disappoint. Cold water and Coke the entire way. Well organised. Great vibe. I was planning on running in a bus with some other girls but landed up running on my own. It was hard! I had many mental battles with myself along the way. But I was determined to beat my previous PB of 2:47, which I did!PNP 21

What I’ll remember most: Getting to the water station just before Bedfordview and stopping to get my head back in the race. One sachet of 32GI down, x2 waters and hearing Deacon Blue was a sign for me. It’s where I managed to get my second wind.

7 thoughts on “Race review – Pick ‘n Pay Half Marathon

  1. You see the biggest change I see in your running is the fact that you are so proud of your new PB. It tells me you care. In the past you often appeared to just run, not care. Now you are really trying to be the best you can be. Congratulations – 20 min on the same course is incredible.

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    • Thanks Jenty. I wanted to tell you that everytime I manage to run around the track at 7 mins per/km i say to myself, gee, this is how fast Jenty runs! LOL!


  2. Keep it up B well done that’s an achievement 20mins off yr previous is something to be really proud about. Even though it was hot and you ran on your own ,you kept going;);) The next half will be even better;);) If you look at my mantra on my twitter profile it says “#keepgoing don’t give up” you epitomize all that I believe in. You’re awesome xxx


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