Final thoughts on my Two Oceans race

I’ve been away on holiday and haven’t yet had time to blog about my Two Oceans half marathon race yet. But after returning to track training this evening, I realized that I still wanted to capture some of my thoughts from that day before I forget them.

It was the 5th time I ran the race – 3 medals, one DNF as well as numerous fun day runs under my belt. This year was the second time running the ‘new’ and perhaps more challenging 21.1km route.


A couple of things I have finally come to know and accept about the Two Oceans half marathon race:

  • It’s congested. Very congested, especially for those runners who start in E batch.
  • Due to the congestion, aiming for a PB is a tough job (I say that even though I ran a PB and so many others did too).
  • For so many people, Two Oceans is their first half marathon and often, a dream come true. It’s only fair to allow them to get caught up in the vibe, the emotions and enjoy their race. <Note to self: don’t share all your previous blog posts filled with too many negative feelings>
  • I need to remind myself that being one of the lucky ones to have gotten an entry and afforded the trip down to Cape Town is a blessing.
  • Running with friends and family make the day extra special and I loved every step of the race with my Dad at my side.TO
  • One of my biggest running goals has been achieved. The one where I don’t need to stress about making that final 3 hour cut-off gun. The tears swelled up watching runners dash onto that field, desperate to make that cut-off. The jubilation of those that made it but also the anguish of those that didn’t. It’s all in the spirit of the race.
  • I guess my final comment is that I’ve made peace with the race. I don’t hate it as much as I used to. I don’t fear it. We’ve become friends.

See you next year Two Oceans. XoXo.

14 thoughts on “Final thoughts on my Two Oceans race

  1. I’m so glad that you’ve made peace with Oceans! I had SUCH serious FOMO on the day was SO bummed that I wasn’t running it. But who knows maybe next year?

    I will also be running the Cradle half – lets try meet up after?



  2. Well done on a great race!
    Your advice and old blog posts, even the negative ones, really helped me prepare for Oceans and I am grateful for your support and assistance along the way.
    I LOVED the day and can’t wait to do it again next year.
    See you on Monday for The Cradle Half!


      • Don’t mention the war 😉 God I am terrified. I am questioning whether I have done enough mileage, enough hills, should I have done strength training etc,etc. BTW can you recommend a couple of spots that are reasonably easily accessible for seconds to support on route. Thanks, K


        • So when KK ran the down run last year, we dropped him off at the start, then headed straight to Hillcrest. The shops were all closed but we bought coffee at the garage and waited until about 7am when the shops across the road opened. There was a Woolies and a few coffee shops there. Then we could have a great brekkies while we waited. Soon enough the first runners started to come through and from where we had parked, we could stand and watch them come right passed us. If I remember right, this was around the 45 – 50 km mark? Then from there, once KK came through, we drove to the Nedbank Mile. Loads of place to stop on the side of the road and watch the runners come through. Our last stop was the finish line. It was surprisingly easier than I thought! Hey, btw, please send me your race number so I can track you! Either here or at @BronyW on Twitter.


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