Running around Tokyo – shopping bags instead of running shoes

Even though we had packed in our running shoes, we just didn’t find the time and opportunity to run while we were holidaying in Tokyo. The weather was also not on our side and we had not packed in any warm or rainproof running clothes. We were so disappointed because everywhere we looked, we came across the most awesome running paths and jogging courses scattered throughout the beautiful parks across Tokyo.

The Imperial Palace

We walked this stunning 5km jogging course in the drizzle among the late blooming cherry blossom trees. Each scenic kilometre is marked by the most beautiful tile embedded in the pavement so that you can track your distance. We were passed by a couple of runners and felt very envious of them.


Check out the runner warming up 🙂

Markings too

Shinjuku Chuo Park

On our last day of holiday, we took a stroll through the park across the road from our hotel whilst waiting for the bus to the airport. This park has a very convenient jogging track, weaving through the beautiful trees and peaceful calm of the park. It’s a short course so you’d have to run it a few times to get the distance.

Jogging courses IMG_8578

IMG_8572 IMG_8587

Narita airport

Running Junkie Brenda alerted us to the new running track at the Narita airport in Tokyo and you can’t miss it! In preparation for the city’s hosting of the 2020 Olympic Games, the airport has recently undergone a complete makeover. It’s so clearly marked – Blue lanes indicate departures while red lanes indicate arrivals – and looked so tempting! What a great idea for travellers / runners to bide their time while waiting for their flights.

Narita airport

Okay, so we missed out this time around, but Tokyo, we will be back with our running kits ready for any type of weather! We promise!

8 thoughts on “Running around Tokyo – shopping bags instead of running shoes

  1. Did you have a chance to check out some of the convenience stations they had for runners? I have heard that they had some buildings with lockers and showers where city dwellers could become members to. I don’t know a lot about it, but I heard it was part of the running boom in Japan.


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