Focus. It’s on my list. #microblogmondays


I’ve started my week off with a new plan. A new strategy. And it’s all about focus. I find that I am easily distracted by everything else but ‘proper’ work all day long.

I spend way too much time and energy on stuff like emails and trying to clear my inbox. I waste more time doing too many little things than focusing on what matters. And do I even know how to sift through all the noise and know what this is?

I need to start doing work that adds real value.Lists

My first ‘back to basic’ action item was to get into the office this morning and make a list of everything I need to do this week.

First task – Done. *tick*


I also need to find more time to blog instead of letting all the thoughts swim around in my head. I’m drowning. So here goes. Focus.

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