Running fit vs. Bum fit

I haven’t been to a spinning class in over 18 months! Since I joined the Running Junkies and started training with a coach, gym kinda took second place and was reserved more for chilly winter days and afternoon thundershowers when I couldn’t run. So when KK asked if I wanted to join him for a spinning class while we were on our December leave, I thought hey, how hard could it be?

Planet Fitness in Fourways had just rolled out new spin bikes which was a blessing in disguise as I had forgotten how to set my bike up and blamed the fact that these ones were new *snort*. The class kicked into gear and off we went.   For those that might not be aware or have perhaps forgotten (that’s me), if you haven’t been spinning for a while, your bum (and nether regions – apologies) take quite a pounding! By the end of the class and the following day I was quite sore!

KK recommended that if I wanted to join him for the back to back class two days later, that I should wear my cycling shorts. Why of course! Brilliant idea! Nope. The damage had already been done and after the first class, I was done. But I did enjoy it. A lot!

Running every day doesn’t necessarily mean that I am fit in other areas and I’ve been considering doing more cross-fit and strengthening exercises that will help my running going into 2016, spinning being one of the choices. My legs felt fabulous this week and I can definitely feel they got a good workout. Spinning, lunges, squats… I need to add these simple exercises into my running schedule somehow.

In the meantime, it’s been fun. And good to step back into the gym. Besides, by next week, the gym will be crowded with all the (other) New Year’s Resolutionites!

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