Caught between a rock and a lazy place

As it got closer to December, I remembered promising myself that once the year started to wind down and become quieter that I’d have more time to run. I looked forward to all the free time once I was officially on leave to ‘hit the road running’ and put in so much more dedicated training. Pffft! 

Well, three weeks into December and that hasn’t happened. As my brain went on leave so did my body! I have been so lazy! Clutched out! My body refuses to wake up early enough before it’s too hot to go running and then when I’m snoozing next to the pool later in the afternoon, I feel so guilty that I haven’t run. The next day, the same pattern repeats itself. 

It’s not as if I can take a break either! Once January arrives, the race calendar kicks into high gear and the races start. Wits Kudus (15km) on the 10th, Dischem (21km) on the 17th, Bobbies half next and ending January off with Johnson Crane (21km). So December should be the ideal month to train, right? 


dog kissing runner

Emma giving me a love when I get back from my run

feet  dipping in to the pool

Cooling my feet off in the pool

hot sweaty running cap socks shoes

Hot & sweaty running kit

Okay, maybe sometime this week I’ll try head out for a long run. So far, if you’re tracking me on Strava, you’ll see that I’m currently only managing to attend regular track sessions and run a 7 or 8 km run here and there. It’s better than nothing I suppose. And hey, it’s holiday time! 

*ahem* No more excuses! But maybe time for a nap… 

5 thoughts on “Caught between a rock and a lazy place

    • Gosh! The heat has been exhausting! I wanna sleep late but also run. But if I don’t go before 6:30, I die! The afternoons are no better! Eish! See you at Kudus!


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