My Johnson Crane journey

Johnson Crane was the very first half marathon I attempted in 2009. I figured it was a flat route, so should be pretty easy. I was wrong. Inexperienced and a total newbie to running 21.1 kms, I hit the wall at around 17kms on that slow pull up to the finish. Johnson Crane taught me a lot. How to start a race, overcome the challenges and finish. I’ve gone back every year since then to run it. But I think after today, I’ve run my last Johnson Crane. 

Early morning sunrise as we parked the car and prepared for the race

 My race review of today’s run isn’t great. It wasn’t my day. I used a 4min run, 30 second walk strategy (something I’m trialling and will share in another blog post). I cruised through 5kms in under 38 mins. My next 5kms a tad slower but by the time I hit 15kms I had really started to slow down dramatically. The next 6kms were hell and with the flat roads, there was no relief on my legs. I have the sunburn to prove just how hard today was.  

Got the t-shirt & the medal

 Jo’burg runners are spoilt. We are presented with the opportunity to run a race every Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and now even Fridays with the introduction of fitCal. And so we do. We enter every race we can. But in the last year or so, I’ve started to know which races I enjoy and which ones I hate. Flat races are definitely not my favorite! 

The amount of work that you need to put in is exhausting. I can’t seem to get going! It was like that at Vaal last year and even with the new Johnson Crane route, I felt the same. I hated the run. And in those last few kms I kept thinking to myself, “well if you hate it, then why run it?”

I suspect I’ll have runners amnesia by January next year and enter it again. Maybe. Meh, I’ll see.

13 thoughts on “My Johnson Crane journey

  1. I was supposed to run it (but again not fit enough and still sick!) so will put it back on the list for next year for me to try out and see how I like (or dislike) it πŸ™‚

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  2. Ran it as my first 42.2 km. Found the crowds so daunting. The 2nd loop though a lot warmer was better than the first. I agree flat races are more difficult.

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  3. We do normally suffer from runners amnesia. so I am keeping a list. Soweto marathon, Orlando half marathon and now Johnson Crane are off my list for next year !!!!

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