Stripping down

Lately at track, I’ve been rewarding myself. Not with cupcakes (although other Running Junkies have spoilt us with some on the odd occasion) but by doing something that makes me really feel my body! 

I’ve taken my running shoes off and run the last lap or two barefoot! Let me tell you, it’s the most awesome feeling in the world! 

The grass is always cool and once I step out of my shoes, my feet feel a little lost and off balance. When I start to run, the ground feels hard after having been so cushioned in my asics. Suddenly I feel somehow connected to the ground. I can actually physically feel every footstep that I take. It’s as if I awaken my body and electricity shoots through my feet with each and every step. 

I’m not only faster on those laps but I feel freer (if there is such a word?). It’s difficult to explain but if feels like after a stressful day at work, and a hard quality session around the track, that I’m giving something back to my body in that final lap. That I’m in tune with both my body and my mind. 

We don’t often make time to truly connect with ourselves. I will *Google* and find out more because there must be loads of benefits to barefoot running? 

For now, it’s bliss! 

6 thoughts on “Stripping down

  1. There is someone who runs barefoot in my neighbourhood…and he does it at quite a pace even in winter.
    I also remember reading about a certain running style (maybe from the Incans? or from Peru?) that was based on running barefoot and changing your foot’s striking pattern on the ground–sorry to be so vague. It sounded really interesting and cool.
    By the way, have you worn those shoes that have separate toes? That might be a similar idea.
    Loved the post–sorry my contribution was so random.


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