Eager beaver gym bunny

I woke up to a rainy day on Saturday but decided, well, it’s the New Year so no more excuses, if I couldn’t run out on the road, I’d head to gym instead.

I checked out the Planet Fitness schedule and spotted a Power Box class at 7:30am. Perfect timing! I’m out the house in good time, braced the flooded roads and arrived at the class 10 minutes ahead of time. I was feeling good! I was “pumped” and ready to go! *gym talk*

The class started with a bang and we were “round housing” and doing level 3 punches within the first 15 minutes of the class. Yikes! None of the warm up I was anticipating. With every leg kick I thought, this feels hectic, but I’m okay. I convinced myself that this was brilliant for leg strengthening which I need! My bum burned! My arms ached. I loved it!

After 60 minutes, I left the gym with a beautiful red face, my clothes drenched in sweat, heart racing and feeling fantastic…

But 24 hours later, I woke up this morning in pain! I could hardly move! My arms were limp, my legs were stiff and ached as I walked down the stairs to make coffee. Damnit! I could hardly move.Β 

I was stiff! But really stiff! Eina stiff! WTH? I do track and some running in the week. Was I really this unfit? A hot, arnica oil bath was absolute bliss to soothe my aching muscles.

As I lay in the silky water, I was smiling. Maybe I had been too keen. I suppose I had overdone it, acted a tad too eager? Everybody knows to take it easy when you head back to gym after a long break. On the opposite end, what a fantastic workout to strengthen my legs and core? Most definitely beneficial to my running.Β 

I was more impressed that I had actually gone to gym, on a Saturday morning, in the pouring rain! Ironically there’s something about that stiffness and muscle ache that is addictive. It makes your body feel alive! Makes you feel like you’ve pushed yourself over a cliff (in a happy way). I also know that the more I do it, the less pain I’ll be in, the stronger I’ll be.

Silly me! We’ve all been there, right? By the way, I’m gonna try out the hot yoga next week! Watch this space.

8 thoughts on “Eager beaver gym bunny

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  2. The fantastic feeling of sore muscles after a workout is great, means you worked them!

    Just a note when doing Bikram/HotBox Yoga, be sure to drink lots of water and stay away from too much sugary foods and caffeine. The temperature is quite something and can make you feel faint, so don’t stress out if you feel this way just try your best!


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